Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sadabahar or Catharanthus roseus: Vinca rosea kills cancers

By Syed AkbarVinca rosea or Sadabahar is a wonder herb but many do not know its importance, probably because it grows on waste lands. Only recently did scientists studied its pharmacological importance in controlling a number of
health problems and fighting a variety of cancers. However, it has been used in tradtional systems of medicine for many centuries.

Vinca rosea is also popular by its latest technical nomenclature, Catharanthus roseus. Many herbalists also know the herb by its English common name, Madagascar Periwinkle. It is now increasingly being used in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine for complications like stomach cramps, diabetes, asthma and hypertension. Vinca rosea is used as a natural tranquilliser too as it acts on the central nervous system.

Sadabahar decoction is one the best natural methods of killing and expelling harmful organism in the digestive system, particularly parasitic worms.Extract from the leaves is used for relief from wasp and bee bites in several parts of the globe.

A word of caution of pregnant women. Vinca rosea is not recommended for pregnant women as it may cause abortion.
Home Remedies
For relief from stomach cramps take Vinca rosea decoction prepared from its leaves. Take a couple of tender leaves, wash them properly and put them in a clean, small vessel. Add two cups of water and boil it to obtain the Vinca decoction. Drink a cup of decoction each in the morning and the evening.

For relief from burns, take some leaves of Vinca rosea and wash them. Make a paste of the leaves and apply on the affection portion.

Decoction prepared from the roots of Vinca rosea is often administered for diabetics as the plant has been found to possess sugar-lowering properties.

Vinca rosea has two important alkaloids which kill cancer cells. In fact, some of the allopathic drugs used for cancer treatment are based on Vinca extracts. It is particularly recommended for Hodgkin's disease, breast cancer and leukaemia in children. Herbal doctors prescribe Vinca leaf and root decoctions for cancer patients.

Parasites in the stomach and intestines eat away much of our food and energy. They also create major health complications. Vinca decoction obtained from its roots kills and expels harmful parasites inside our digestive


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