Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cashew is good for health: Anacardium occidentale oil removes warts, corns

Syed Akbar
Anacardium occidentale or the ordinary cashew nut is not just a nutritious foodstuff. It has a number of medicinal properties, particularly the ability of cashew shell oil to fight skin problems. The root, leaves, bark and the fruit of Anacardium are used in herbal systems of medicine. A number of folk and tribal medicines across the globe also recognize Anacardium as an important medicinal plant that has the potential to treat 
sores caused by leprosy.
The oil obtained from the cashew shell is corrosive and thus it should not be taken in quantities more than 2 ml a day for internal use. Because of this corrosive property, cashew shell oil dissolves dead skin giving relief from skin troubles like warts and corns. It also heals cracks on soles and heels. Juice obtained from the cashew apple is useful for treatment of problems like sore throat and accumulation of phlegm due to common cold or bronchial infection. The cashew apple juice has been found to have anti-cancer properties. Since the cashew apple juice is astringent in nature, it is better one should consume it in small quantities. Ripe cashew apple can also be taken to improve the general health.
Cashew shell oil is mild purgative in nature and is good for people suffering from constipation if taken in very small quantities. Some practitioners of tribal medicines recommend cashew nut oil for treatment of allergies, mild poisons, sexual debility and control of heart beat.
Home remedies
Cashew shell oil can be applied on warts and corns externally. The oil acts against warts, corns and dead skin and provides relief from these skin problems. Those suffering from painful cracks in soles and heels may also try cashew shell oil readily available in herbal stores.
Juice obtained from Anacardium shell can be taken internally in a small quantity to fight anxiety. It keeps the brain calm and cool.
Some herbalists recommend Anacardium bark extract for control of high body temperature (fever).
Anacardium shell oil has anti-fungal properties and fights fungal infections of the skin. It is also considered as a detoxifier. As advised earlier, daily intake of shell oil should not exceed 2 (two) ml per day.
Cashew apple juice or ripe cashew apple if taken regularly keeps the body healthy and fights harmful biological agents acting against the body.
A special liquid obtained from cashew shell if rubbed gently against teeth keeps the gums and teeth healthy. It fights tooth abscesses. The cashew nutshell liquid is available in herbal shops.

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