Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bambusa arundinacea: Bamboo keeps off baldness

By Syed Akbar

Many think that bamboo helps only in construction and paper industries.  But what many do not know is that bamboo has a number of medicinal properties too.  Apart from its famous medicinal property to cure stomach problems, which incidentally even animals know, bamboo helps in regeneration of hair on the scalp. It is indeed a boon for those suffering from baldness.
Bamboo has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is also used in Ayurveda and Unani preparations too. Bamboo is used for a number of ailments ranging from simple tooth problem to venereal diseases like gonorrhea. It has been found to increase sperm count, reduce infertility and improve the overall reproductive system
Research studies have shown that bamboo contains a number of minerals and vitamins, besides trace elements to improve the functioning of the body. It is thus believed to serve as a general health tonic. Ayurveda and Unani doctors often prescribe bamboo, especially Bambusa arundinacea, for tuberculosis, leprosy and internal bleeding. Bamboo leaves, tender shoots and its roots are used in herbal formulations. A sugary substance called manna obtained from bamboo is also useful. Bamboo churna is readily available with 
herbal stores.

Home remedies
Those suffering from hair loss and baldness try bamboo root ash and jasmine oil. Take bamboo root, clean it with water, dry it and obtain its bhasma by burning it. Filter the bhasma and keep it in a clean and dry bottle. Take a little quantity of bamboo root ash and mix it with a table spoon of jasmine flower oil. Gently rub it against the scalp. It promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.
Manna obtained from bamboo if taken in small quantity will help in increasing the sperm count. Bamboo manna is available with herbal stores. Bamboo root ash can be used as a natural tooth power for good gums and healthy teeth.
Those suffering from indigestion may try bamboo shoot juice. Even fresh bamboo leaves are good for fighting stomach ailments. Animals like tigers, cats, lions and even dogs often eat grass (bamboo belongs to the grass family) to get rid of hairballs from their stomach. Decoction obtained from bamboo leaves helps in controlling diarrhea.  Bamboo decoction is also helpful in fighting parasites in the digestive tract.

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