Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bixa orellana: Lipstick tree is a female aphrodisiac

By Syed Akbar

A cheaper alternative to saffron, Bixa orellana is a natural dye that’s free of any toxicity. It is used as a colouring agent in food preparations, like saffron. Bixa orellana is commonly known as lipstick tree or achiote. It is present in many parts of the globe, across the continents and used in local traditional medicines for ages. In different countries it is used for different purposes.
However, the most common herbal properties of lipstick tree are its ability to treat skin diseases like leprosy, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, control blood pressure, provide relief from sinusitis and keep the blood sugar levels under check.
Lipstick tree is regarded as a female aphrodisiac and in several traditional medicines it is prescribed to increase fertility levels in women. It is also known for keeping the uterus in good condition and fighting problems related to women’s reproductive system. It also reduces inflammation or swelling in the body, control fever and dysentery and stops vomiting and gives relief from nausea.
Home remedies
Women suffering from infertility problems may try decoction of lipstick tree’s root. Take a few grams of root of lipstick tree, clean it with water. Take a glass of water and put the roots in it. Boil the water and filter it to obtain decoction. As a female aphrodisiac, besides fighting infertility, it keeps in check the diseases related to uterus.
It is natural hair dye for those who want to give a slight pink shade to their hair. The natural chemical that is used as dye is called Bixin.
Decoction obtained from the leaves of lipstick tree helps in controlling vomiting and nausea. It is onsidered a natural anti-emetic. The decoction also solves urinary problems and fights heartburn due to acidity.
Decoction of seeds of lipstick tree is used in traditional medicine to keep the cholesterol levels under heck. Some believe that it maintains the blood pressure.
Pulp obtained from the plant can be mixed with coconut oil to serve as a natural ointment to prevent carring in case of wounds and burns.
Root decoction is believed to posses anti-diabetic properties as it reduces the blood sugar levels.In case of throat infection, gargle the decoction of leaves of lipstick tree.
Oil obtained from the seeds of lipstick tree is believed to have properties that provide relief from leprosy.

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