Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bryophyllum: Miracle leaf plant heals wounds naturally

By Syed Akbar
Bryophyllum is a wonderful plant with reproductive leaves. New plants emerge from the leaves unlike the conventional method of plants growing from seeds or suckers. The plant is propagated mainly through vegetative methods. Since ancient times Bryophyllum has been used in folk medicines.
Though it is not a native of India, it was introduced into the country by Europeans as an ornamental plant. Gradually it started finding its use in Indian traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy.
Bryophyllum is also called Never Die or Resurrection plant. Its leaf has been hailed as "Miracle Leaf". Bryophyllum leaves are used for treatment of problems related to skin and blood circulation, though it is also used to keep blood sugar level under check and control inflammation.
A recent study by the department of pharmacology, University of KwaZulu- Natal, Durban, has found that the aqueous extract of Bryophyllum leaf can act as a pain-killer. "Bryophyllum leaf aqueous extract possesses
antinociceptive (reduces sensitivity to pain), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) and hypoglycaemic (brings down high blood sugar levels) properties," the study pointed out.
Other medicinal properties attributed to Bryophyllum include its ability to fight microbes, fungi, allergy, tumours, ulcers, bacteria, viruses and insects. It is also regarded as a natural sedative.
Home Remedies
If you are suffering from a nagging injury, take a fresh Bryophyllum leaf, wash it properly, crush it and apply on the wound. The wound-healing property of Bryophyllum not only cures the injury but also reduces swelling.
Bryophyllum leaf is prescribed often by herbalists to treat pain caused by rheumatism. Apply crushed leaf on knee joints and gently tie with a gauze. Its analgesic properties bring down the pain level to a large extent, giving you the much-needed relief.
Extracts of Bryophyllum available in the market are often prescribed for kidney stones. Such extracts are also recommended for degenerative neck disease where a patient experiences pain in neck and shoulders. Take a fresh leaf, wash it properly and extract its juice. Take a few drops of this juice twice every day. Repeat this for a few days.
If a wound develops pus, application of Bryophyllum extract will remove the pus and cleans the wound naturally before healing it. It also checks excessive bleeding.


  1. There are many species of Bryophyllum. Some contain cardiac glycosides, which are dangerous. So which species of Bryophyllum do you mean?? Please do not recommend these remedies so casually.

  2. Which species of bryophyllum has remedial use for kidney stones?