Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The medicinal power of keekar or babul: Acacia, the herb of health

By Syed Akbar
Acacia or babul is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs known to man.Its medical history goes back to at least 4000 years and practically all systems of medicine recognise its importance in pharmacological formulations.Ayurveda recognises it as an aphrodisiac that checks premature ejaculation, while Unani recommends Acacia for good dental health and urino-genital problems.
Allopathy too utilises this wonder herb for various health issues including as an astringent and pain killer. It is recognised by pharmacopoeias of various developed nations including the US and the UK. It is used even in health drinks.
Babul sticks have long been considered good for dental and oral hygiene and health. Regular brushing of teeth with a babul twig prevents bleeding from gums, gingivitis, and strengthens loose teeth. Practitioners of herbal medicine consider babul twigs on par with those of the neem and the miswak, as far as oral health is concerned.
The bark and gum obtained from Acacia species particularly those of Acacia arabica (gum Arabic) are used for control of diarrhoea, microbial infections particularly of the skin and control of high body temperatures (fever). It is also often recommended for eye problems including cataract.
Home remedies
Acacia gum is considered good for controlling loose motions. Take a little quantity of gum Arabic, wash it and soak it in potable water. The softened gum may be consumed to control diarrhoea and even dysentery.
Soak the bark of Acacia in a glass of clean water after properly washing it. The infusion thus collected after overnight soaking may be also be used for treating loose motions.
Take a little of Acacia bark and make it a habit to chew it daily. It will strengthen teeth and kills oral germs. Alternatively, you may use Acacia twig for brushing.
Formulations prepared from Acacia readily available in the market can be used for good reproductive health in men. The Acacia formulations help premature ejaculation.
A paste made from fresh and clean Acacia leaves may be applied near the eyes for treatment of problems like itching and redness in eyes.
For those suffering from high blood cholesterol and diabetes, Acacia bark is considered one of the best natural remedies.

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