Sunday, 12 September 2010

The healing powers of black cumin or Nigella: Kalonji can fight asthma, lung problems

By Syed Akbar
 Nigella sativa or black cumin, popularly known as Kalonji, is regarded as a wonder plant in Unani system of medicine. Tibbe-Nabavi or the Prophet’s medicine holds Kalonji in high regard and describes it as the “plant of blessings”. In Ayurveda too, black cumin finds its uses in a number of medicinal preparations.
The seeds are bitter but the medicinal properties they contain outweigh their unpalatable taste. Several regions in India use Kalonji seeds in food preparations too. Practitioners of traditional systems of medicine prescribe Kalonji seeds or Kalonji oil for a number of health problems ranging from simple cough to asthma, cystic fibrosis to diabetes, and from facial paralysis to kidney stones.
It is also prescribed for eye problems including low vision. Kalonji seeds and oil are readily available in the market, but one has to make it sure that they are buying the genuine one. Onion seeds resemble Kalonji and many a time unscrupulous traders pass them off as Kalonji.
Home remedies
Herbal doctors recommend Kalonji oil for relief from cough, and other lung problems like asthma. Take a few drops of Kalonji oil and gently rub it against the chest and back for quick relief from the problem.
Those with facial paralysis may try Kalonji oil. Take a few drops of Kalonji oil and mix it in hot water. Inhale the vapours. Repeat it daily.
Unani doctors believe that daily consumption of half a tea cup of decoction prepared from a few drops of kalonji oil mixed with honey and hot water will provide relief from kidney stones.
If you want to prevent premature greying of hair, you may try a few drops of Kalonji oil daily. Take a few drops of oil and rub gently against the scalp. Your hair will continue to be black till ageing turns them grey.
A few drops of Kalonji oil mixed with coffee or tea will keep the blood pressure under check and the heart in healthy condition.

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