Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Justicia gendarussa: Water willow prevents human influenza

Syed Akbar

Justicia gendarussa or water willow has always been associated with the treatment of  respiratory track diseases including prevention of common cold or human influenza. Folk  medicine has been using it for ages. It also finds a mention in Ayurveda, Unani and  Homoeopathy medical texts. But all recognize Justicia gendarussa as a natural remedy for  respiratory track diseases, including problems associated with lungs.
Besides respiratory problems, Justicia gendarussa is suggested for relief from  inflammation, arthritis, migraine and fever. Recent scientific studies in Indonesia have  supported the long-held belief of tribals of Papua that it lowers the fertility levels in  men, and thus aids in family planning. Based on the plant extract, male contraceptive  pills have been developed. Doctors, however, differ on its efficacy as a family planning 
Though the entire plant is used in herbal medicine, it’s the leaf that mostly recommended  for treatment of a number of health issues including stomach pain, facial paralysis and  relief from asthma and heaviness in the chest. It provides relief from fever and acts as  an emetic, i.e. it stimulates vomiting.
Home remedies
Recent scientific studies have shown that the extract from the Justicia gendarussa leaf  helps in providing immunity from the novel human influenza virus H1N1 (swine flu).  Further research is going on to prove its efficacy. Readymade homoeopathy pills made of  Justicia gendarussa is available in herbal or homeopathy stores. Follow the dosage  prescribed by the manufacturer.
Those suffering from chronic rheumatism may try decoction obtained from Justicia  gendarussa leaves. Take a few leaves, wash them properly, put them in a glass of water  and boil them for 15 mnts. Filter the decoction and consume it in small quantities twice  a day.
Take fresh leaves of Justicia gendarussa, cut them into small pieces and wash them  properly. Put them in a glass of water over night. Filter the infusion thus obtained and  take it in small quantities for relief from migraine and facial paralysis.
Extract obtained from Justicia gendarussa roots is often prescribed for relief from  constipation. Its laxative properties helps in normal bowel movement.
Take a couple of fresh leaves and clean them with water. Chew them daily if you want to  postpone pregnancy. Chewing Justicia gendarussa leaves brings down the sperm level and  acts as a male contraceptive.
The herb is recommended for cough and removal of accumulated mucous. Readymade medicine  prepared from Justicia gendarussa is available in homeopathy stores.
Thanks to its anti angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels from the existing ones)  property, Justicia gendarussa is thought to be a future medicine for cancer treatment.  Herbal tonics of Justicia gendarussa can be bought from herbal stores and taken in  prescribed doses to prevent cancer from attacking the body organs.

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