Thursday, 10 November 2011

Delphinium denudatum: Jadwar is a de-addiction herb

By Syed Akbar
Delphinium denudatum, known as Jadwar in Hindi and Urdu, is a plant that lives in high 
altitudes. It once dominated many parts of high mountain regions including Himalayas. But 
today it is an endangered species and only a few plants are left. In Sanskrit it is 
called Nirvisha. The root of Delphinium is used in medical formulations in Unani and 

Research studies have shown that Delphinium has been quite useful in de-addiction of drug 
addicts. The root extract has been found to reduce the withdrawal symptoms in people on 
de-addiction therapy. Ayurveda and Unani doctors prescribe Delphinium for a number of 
diseases and health issues including treatment of infertility in men and menstrual 
problems in women. It is a natural analgesic and is prescribed for relief from toothache.

Herbal doctors also recommend Jadwar in treatment of fungal infections, skin diseases, 
asthma, cough, jaundice and nervous problems. It is considered as a natural blood 
purifier. Jadwar is also prescribed for people who have digestive problems. It provides 
relief from painful wounds and inflammation.

Home remedies

Those addicted to drugs and on de-addiction therapy may try the root extract of 
Delphinium denudatum for relief from withdrawal symptoms associated with drug abuse. 
Herbal doctors prepare root extract at their de-addiction centres.

Paste obtained from the root of Delphinium can be applied to injuries for relief. The 
paste can also be applied to skin for relief from inflammation and dermatological 

A little of Delphinium root paste can be applied to the aching tooth for relief from 
pain. Just gently rub the paste against the affected tooth.

Many herbal doctors recommend Delphinium for treatment of infertility in men. Root powder 
can be taken in small quantities daily to improve the sperm count and motility. In case 
of women, the root powder can be taken to control irregular monthly cycles.

Readymade herbal formulations of Delphinium are available in herbal stores and with 
Ayurvedic and Unani doctors.

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