Thursday 10 November 2011

Bandicoot berry: Leea indica has antioxidant properties, cools the body

By Syed Akbar
Leea indica or bandicoot berry is a small herbal tree found in many parts of the country. 
It is widely used in ethnomedical systems by various tribes in deep forests. There have 
been scientific research studies of late on the medicinal properties of Leea indica and 
they indicate it antioxidant property. Thanks to its antioxidant property it is 
considered as a natural medicine for inhibition or prevention of cancer.

The root and leaves of Leea indica are used in medicinal formulations. Ayurveda and Unani 
doctors also use Leea indica in their preparations. Herbal practitioners consider it as a 
natural coolant that gives a “cooling effect” to the body. During summer it is one of the 
natural coolants that quench the feeling of thirst.

Many tribal communities have been using Leea indica for treatment of diarrhoeal diseases. 
It is also used in cases of chronic dysentery. Other medicinal uses include skin 
ailments, gastric ulcers, vertigo (a severe form of dizziness) and digestive issue.

Home remedies

For relief from colic (sudden, abrupt pain), herbal doctors prescribe decoction obtained 
from the root of Leea indica. Take a few grams of Leea indica roots, wash them properly 
and prepare decoction adding a cup of water. Filter the solution and consume a little 
quantity. Tribal medicine prescribes Leea indica for colic pains.

Intake of a little quantity of powder obtained from the root of Leea indica gives relief 
from chronic dysentery.

A few drops of juice obtained from the fresh leaves of Leea indica sets the digestive 
system right.

Herbal doctors recommend external application of a little quantity of juice of Leea 
indica leaves on the head for relief from severe forms of dizziness like vertigo.

Paste of Leea indica roots if applied on the affected portion of the skin gives relief 
from skin issues like rashes and allergic reactions.

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