Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wild carrot: Daucus carota fights acidity and depression and serves as a natural contraceptive

By Syed Akbar
Daucus carota or wild carrot is an important medicinal plant whose herbal properties have 
been known to man for almost two millennia. Wild carrot or jangli gajar has a number of 
medicinal properties and herbal doctors down the ages have been prescribing it for 
problems ranging from acidity and gas to control of blood sugar, and from treating common 
cold to fighting depression.

Care should be taken while selecting the plant as it closely resembles poison hemlock. 
Wild carrot seeds, leaves and flowers should be purchased only from a reputed herbal 
store. While selecting the plant one should take the help of a botanist to make sure that 
it is Daucus carota and not poison hemlock.

This plant is grown in hilly areas and is native to north India. It is rich in ascorbic 
acid (vitamin C). It kills worms in the stomach and intestines. It also fights bacteria. 
Essential oil obtained from wild carrot prevents formation of wrinkles on face and body. 
Some herbal doctors prescribe wild carrot for treatment of schizophrenia. It has 
anti-inflammatory properties too.

Home remedies

Take a few crushed seeds of wild carrot and consume them for birth control. The natural 
chemicals present in wild carrot interfere with the reproductive system and prevents 
formation of pregnancy.

Herbal tea prepared from wild carrot leaves keeps the body in good health. Take a couple 
of leaves, put them in a cup of water and boil it. Filter the decoction and consume it 
twice a day.

Infusion obtained from the wild carrot plant is said to keep the stomach and intestines 
in good order. Soak the wild carrot leaves or seeds in a glass of water for at least six 
hours and the infusion that obtained can be filtered and used for a healthy digestive 

Infusion of wild carrot has diuretic properties and thus it promotes easy flow of urine.

Herbal doctors often recommend wild carrot infusion to fight renal (kidney) stones.

Chewing of a few seeds clears the gas from the digestive tract and provides relief from 

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