Thursday, 10 November 2011

The power of Dhania: Feeling anxiety or nervous? Take a few coriander seeds and chew them for relief from mental tensions

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: Feeling anxiety or nervous? Take a few coriander
seeds and chew them for relief from mental tensions.

According to a research study by a team of pharmacologists led by
Poonam Mahendra, coriander seeds or dhania influences the mind, calms
it down and provides relief from mental tensions and anxiety.

"The anti-anxiety activity of coriander seeds is similar to the action
of diazepam or anti-depressant drugs," Poonam said, adding that while
drugs have side-effects, coriander seeds are natural and safe.

As part of the experiment, the team fed hydro-alcoholic extract of
coriander seeds to a set of mice and cross-checked the results
obtained from another set of mice fed with diazepam. The action
exerted by coriander was similar to diazepam, but without any
side-effects. For results to be positive, coriander seeds should be
taken in sufficient quantity.

"Anxiety affects one-eighth of the total population in the  world. It
is characterised by a state of excessive fear, motor tension,
sympathetic hyperactivity and apprehension. The drugs available in the
market have unwanted side effects like sedation, muscle relaxation and
temporary loss of memory," Poonam said adding that coriander is the
natural way of finding relief from mental tension and anxiety.

This is the first time that coriander has been linked to the state of
the mind. Earlier research indicated coriander has medicinal
properties that helps in controlling the disorders of digestive,
respiratory and urinary systems. The essential oils and flavonoids,
particularly linalool, gives coriander the property to act on the
central nervous system, and thus soothing the mind. It may also be
used in the management of disorders related to the central nervous

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  1. I'm very glad I found your site. Wonderful that you dedicated it to your parents.. I shall have many questions as time goes by. I am specifically interested in propagating and growing medicinal herbs and flowers. I live in Hawaii, climate is sub-tropical in the area I'm at. Lots of lava, and not much rain, in a higher elevation.
    Cheers and Blessings, Noel