Thursday, 10 November 2011

Commiphora wightii: Guggulu gives a feeling of goodness, reduces body weight and fights haemorrhoids

Syed Akbar

Commiphora wightii or guggulu is used widely in homes in India, mainly to drive away evil 
spirits. It is also used for religious ceremonies. Apart from its use for religious 
purpose, guggulu is a natural medicine to reduce the body weight. It is a natural remedy 
for people suffering from overweight and obesity. The gum latex of this plant has several 
medicinal properties and many people burn it as incense for a feeling of goodness.

In English guggulu is known as Indian Bedellium and the plant is cultivated in many part 
of the country. Readymade capsules of guggulu are available in herbal stores and several 
weight loss programmes include it as part of the obesity treatment therapy.

It should be taken in small quantities for better results. In excess quantity it will 
cause health problems like irritation, skin rashes, loose motions and headache. Pregnant 
women should not use guggulu as it may cause miscarriage. Guggulu therapy is not 
recommended for children too.

Herbal doctors recommend guggulu for health issues like urinary disorders, haemorrhoids, 
high blood cholesterol and rheumatic pains. It is believed that guggulu reduces the blood 
cholesterol levels and burns excess fat, keeping the body healthy.

Home remedies

Readymade guggulu capsules are available in herbal stores. Follow the course for weight 
reduction. Alternatively, one may take small quantities of guggulu gum latex twice a day 
to reduce the body weight, burn fat and control blood cholesterol levels.

Herbal doctors recommend smoke of guggulu for earache. According to them, one should take 
a small piece of guggulu gum latex and burn it. The smoke can be directed towards the ear 
in which there’s pain. Guggulu smoke therapy helps in giving relief from earache.

Guugulu extract can be mixed with sesame oil and gently massaged on the affected parts of 
the body for relief from rheumatic pains and swelling of joints.

A little piece of guggulu gum, ginger and honey can be taken to control the body weight 
and fight obesity.

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