Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kulthi or horse gram: Macrotyloma uniflorum removes kidney, gall stones

By Syed Akbar
Suffering from kidney or gall stones? Kulthi or horse gram is the best natural remedy if kidney or gall stones are detected in early stages, and they are not big enough warranting surgical intervention. Macrotyloma
uniflorum, as Kulthi is technically called, is a wonder legume that can cure a number of health problems including fighting kidney or gall stones.
Macrotyloma is used in tribal systems of medicine the world over, while in India practitioners of Unani and Ayurveda often prescribe it for health problems like cough, breathing trouble, ulcers and gas in the
stomach, worm infection and excessive sweating. It is also recognised as a natural health tonic for general well being. Some herbalists consider Kulthi as a good food that controls arthritis.
A word of caution for pregnant women and those suffering from tuberculosis. Macrotyloma may cause severe health complications in pregnant women and TB patients. Even as a food legume, it's better for these groups to avoid it. Since it is a common legume used in kitchen preparations, Kulthi can be obtained from any grocery store. Ready- made herbal formulations based on Kulthi are also available in herbal
Home remedies
Regular intake of Kulthi as food (Ulvala charu, as it is famous in Andhra Pradesh) clears the digestive tract of worm infections including tape worms. It reduces flatulence and acidity and keeps the digestive system in good condition.
Take a little quantity or horse gram, boil it in a glass of water, allow it to cool and filter it. Mix it in a grinder and add pure drinking water to make it semi-solid. Add a pinch of pepper powder and drink the preparation for relief from cold, cough or sore throat.
Those suffering from stomach pain may try a little quantity of finely ground horse gram, dried ginger and asafoetida. You may prepare the mixture fresh as per the need, or prepare it in large quantity for storage
in a clean and dry bottle for future use.
If you are conscious about your weight, you may include horse gram in your regular diet. Herbal doctors point our that eating horse gram in daily meals will help reduce obesity to a large extent.
Herbal doctors recommend that patients of kidney or gall stones may soak a little quantity of horse gram in glass of pure drinking water for about 10 hours. The infusion can be taken twice a day for relief from
stones. Others suggest that the seeds thus soaked in water should be mashed and consumed twice daily.

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