Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jacaranda mimosifolia for treatment of venereal diseases

Syed Akbar
Jacaranda is a beautiful garden tree and its beauty enhances manifold when the tree is in  full bloom. Though Jacaranda species are not native to Indian soil, they were introduced  in gardens for their ornamental and aesthetic value. Now Jacaranda is part of the Indian  medicinal system, with homoeopathy embracing it in its myriad preparations.
Jacaranda species are originally used in tribal medicine, but thanks to their medicinal  values, particularly their ability to fight fungal and bacterial infections; the species  are now increasingly adopted in Ayurveda and Unani formulations. The herbal market is  flooded with formulations prepared from Jacaranda species, particularly Jacaranda mimosifolia.
Readymade water extracts of Jacaranda as well as its essence are available in herbal  stores. Jacaranda essence is believed to work “extra-medicinally” too i.e. the lovely  fragrance of Jacaranda flowers are said to turn the negative qualities in a person to  positive ones. It is believed to work particularly on negative traits like 
procrastination or postponing things without a valid reason.
Jacaranda species have been found to be effective for treatment of venereal diseases  including syphilis and gonorrhoea. Application of Jacaranda extract on syphilitic sores  helps them heal fast. It control the painful urination accompanied by pus in gonorrhoea  patients. It also fights against epileptic seizures.
Home remedies
A teaspoon of juice obtained from the leaves of Jacaranda mimosifolia cures health  problems associated with venereal diseases. The juice has to be taken at least three  times a day. Take a few Jacaranda leaves, clean them in water, and obtain their juice  using a mixer. Dilute the juice with water and drink it, a teaspoon thrice a day.
The leaf extract or juice can also be applied externally for relief from sores or ulcers  caused by venereal diseases. The bark infusion is also used for the purpose. Take a  little of the Jacaranda bark, clean it in water. Then put it in a glass of water, allow  it for 10 hours. Throw away the bark, and the infusion can be used internally for relief  from syphilitic sores.
The volatile oil obtained from Jacaranda leaves and bark has been found to be effective  in the treatment of buboes (swelling in the lymph nodes in groin or underarm  characterized by blisters). Buboes are caused by venereal diseases, besides tuberculosis.

Jacaranda water extract is capable of fighting E. coli, which causes gastroenteritis.

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