Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sphaeranthus indicus: Gorakhmundi cures gout

By Syed Akbar
Sphaeranthus indicus or Gorakhmundi is a well known weed that grows wildly in paddy fields. In English it is called East Indian Globe Thistle. This aromatic herb has been known to Ayurveda and Unani for hundreds of years. It also finds a mention in tribal medicine.
Gorakhmundi has several medicinal properties which are now established by scientific research. This herb is prescribed for treatment of epilepsy, migraine, jaundice, fever, cough and haemorrhoids.
Some herbal doctors prescribe Gorakhmundi for removal of worms from the digestive tract. It is useful for treatment of a number of skin ailments. This herb is famous for its anti-gout properties as it removes uric acid concentration from the body.
All parts of Gorakhmundi plant are used in herbal formulation. Some herbal researchers view that Gorakhmundi has unique medicinal properties that fights insanity, indigestion, anemia and even piles.

Home remedies

For people suffering form painful and bleeding haemorrhoids Gorakhmundi juice is considered as the best natural bet. To prepare Gorakhmundi juice, take some cumin seeds and ground them. Add a little milk to the to the ground seeds to obtain a thick paste. 
Take Gorakhmundi herb and make a paste out of it. Add it to the cumin milk paste. Add a small quantity of water and filter it. Keep the solution in a fresh and neat bottle. Consume less than 5 ml of this solution twice a day for relief.
Take Gorakhmundi flowers in small quantity (about four grams). Make them into powder and consume it once daily for treatment of gout. Gout occurs on the big toe and doctors link it to the presence of high concentration of uric acid in the body.
Gorakhmundi juice or decoction is also helpful for treatment of spleen enlargement and filariasis.
For treatment of migraine herbal doctors often prescribe Gorakhmundi juice in combination 
with pepper.
Gorakhmundi extract is readily available in the market can be consumed for relief from nagging skin problems like psoriasis.
Gorakhmundi tea readily available in the market is helpful in treatment of prostate problems.

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