Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shorea robusta: Indian dammer gives relief from bleeding piles

By Syed Akbar

Shorea robusta is considered a holy tree by Hindus and Buddhists. Ancient Indian texts show that Shorea or common sal is a favourite tree of Lord Sri Vishnu. Also known as Indian dammer, Shorea robusta finds its use in Ayurveda, Unani and tribal systems of medicine. It has a number of medicinal properties but the tree is valued for its ability to stop bleeding piles and provide relief to the patient.
Bark, leaves, fruit and resin of Shorea are used in medicinal preparations. The resin is also burnt as incense and the fumes thus obtained are said to have medicinal properties. Shorea ointments for skin troubles, breast enhancement and for bleeding piles are available in herbal stores.
Some herbal doctors consider Shorea as a natural remedy for diabetes, nervine pain, arthritis, burns, ulcers, and jaundice and skin infections. It has anti-bacterial properties too.

Home remedies

Resin obtained from Shorea robusta bark is used for relief from arthritis. Take a few grams of Shorea resin and add it to the white of egg. Mix them well with a spoon and apply the paste on the affected portion. It gives relief from joint pains caused by arthritis.
Herbal cream prepared from Shorea leaves is applied to wounds for quick healing. It kills germs including bacteria.
For those suffering from diarrhea, a mixture of Shorea robusta and Mimosa pudica powder is administered orally. When taken in small quantities (one gram), it provides relief from diarrhea.
Robusta resin is taken orally in small quantities for goiter. Goiter is caused due to iodine deficiency.
In case of anaemia, intake of Shorea leaf powder with honey will help in improving the RBC count.
Herbal doctors point out that fumes of Shorea resin provide relief from uncontrollable hiccups.

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