Sunday, 23 January 2011

Malay Tea or Bawachi: Psoralea fights skin ailments

By Syed Akbar
Psoralea carylifolia or Malay tea is a weed growing in asteland. Nevertheless, this weed has been in use in traditional systems of medicine for more than  two millennia. Ayurvedic doctors regard it as a blessed herb as far as skin diseases are concerned. There has been a
mention of Psoralea (Bawachi or Kusthanasi) in Susruta Samhita and
how it controls major skin problems like leprosy.
Ayurveda and Unani doctors prescribe Psoralea as an ointment for skin
diseases including psoriasis and leprosy. It is particularly prescribed for controlling leucoderma or white patches on the skin. Psoralea has also been found effective in skin inflammation, scabies and ringworm.
The fruit, seed and root of Psoralea are used, both externally and internally, in herbal systems of medicine world over. If applied externally it controls skin diseases, and when taken internally Psoralea kills intestinal works, promotes urine and sweat, controls premature ejaculation and bedwetting. It is also effective in controlling cough and curing impotency in men.
Home remedies
Psoralea seed oil can be applied externally on the affected portion of the skin in case of psoriasis. It provides relief from the nagging problem.
Ayurveda and Unani doctors prescribe Psoralea seed oil for internal consumption in treatment of leprosy. The oil is pungent and generally not palatable, but the benefits it gives outweigh its bitterness.
Those suffering from leucoderma may mix Psoralea seed oil with butter and apply it externally to the affected portions of the skin. 
Ready-made Psoralea oil and powder are available in  leading herbal stores in the form of capsules and tablets for easy palatability. One may try them for problems like impotence, bed-wetting and premature
For common skin ailments like scabies and ringworm, Psoralea seed oil mixed with butter is applied as a skin ointment.

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