Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Urginea indica or Indian squill: Sea onion removes painful corns

By Syed Akbar
Urginea indica or Indian squill is an herbal cousin of the common onion used in kitchen. 
Also known as sea onion or Jangli Pyaz, Urginea has been used in a number of traditional 
systems of medicine the world over, particularly Siddha. The bulb obtained from Urginea  
contains many medicinal properties useful for treatment of health issues ranging from 
painful corns on the foot, to boils on the skin, asthma, bronchitis to decongest the 
heart in case of congestive cardiac failure. Indian squill removes phlegm from bronchi 
and gives relief from common cold and body aches.

It promotes urine and thus helps in reducing body swellings. It is also used as a 
stimulant and tonic to improve the general functioning of the body. It removes blockages 
in the skin pores and promotes secretions. In this way, it helps prevent formation of 
boils and acne. Urginea is often hailed as a natural remedy for removal of water (fluid) 
from peritoneal cavity (ascites).

Herbal doctors use it as an emetic to produce vomit to clear the digestive track in case 
of indigestion or food poisoning. It is a good purgative thanks to its cathartic 
activity. An important property of this herb is its ability to fight cancers, 
particularly of the nose and pharynx. Urginea removes warts from the skin. Those 
suffering from irregular menses may benefit from Urginea as it has unique properties that 
help regulate the monthly ovulation in women.

Home remedies

Practitioners of herbal medicine prescribe Urginea for severe health conditions like 
ascites wherein the peritoneal cavity is filled up with fluids. Prepare decoction from 
the Jangli Pyaz bulb and use it in small quantity twice a day. The fluid is sent out 
providing relief from the problem.

Since Urginea is a diuretic, taking its decoction provides relief from body swellings due 
to accumulation of fluids.

It is considered a good home remedy for corns on the foot. Take a piece of the Urginea 
bulb, warm it and gently apply to the affected portion. Repeat it regularly and you will 
get relief from the painful corns.

For sound sleep, you may apply paste of Urginea bulb to soles. The paste provides a 
cooling effect to the feet and helps in promoting good sleep.

Some herbal doctors recommend powder obtained from dried bulbs of Jangli Pyaz for painful 
problems like piles. Take a bulb of Urginea, clean it with water and dry it. Once dried, 
obtain its powder by using a mixer. Keep this powder in a clean bottle for use regularly. 
Take it in small quantities.

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