Sunday, 21 March 2010

Control your BP through Sarpagandha

By Syed Akbar
Rauwolfia serpentina, popularly known as Sarpagandha, is the Nature's gift to man against high blood pressure, snake bites, sleeplessness, hysteria, paranoia and schizophrenia. But Rauwolfia is considered a wonder drug as far as its anti-hypertension
properties are concerned. It was once used as a front-line drug against high blood pressure, but because of its certain side effects, Sarpagandha is now used as a second line medicine to treat hypertension. Since pure alkaloids extracted from Rauwolfia act quickly on the human
body including the circulatory, reproductive and nervous systems, it is better to use the powdered raw roots of the plants for home remedies. Its extracts are sold in the form of differently branded drugs, but for the purpose of home remedies, one should take the raw roots, powder them and consume with either honey, milk or oil. In this way, one can reduce the highly dangerous side effects. A word of caution. Only those with high blood pressure should consume Sarpagandha as it will further bring down the blood pressure in normal
persons, leading to hypotension or low BP. Pregnant women and people with gastric ulcers better avoid the plant or its extracts.
The roots contain a chemical called reserpine, which is widely used in antihypertensive drugs. As its name suggests (Sarpa, snake; gandha, smell), Sarpagandha works against snake bites. It is also widely used in treatment of reptile bites.
Home remedies
For sound sleep and quick relief from insomnia or mental stress, take 500 mg of Sarpagandha root. Powder it and mix it with a teaspoon of sesame (gingelly or til) oil. Consume it before going to bed. To beat severe skin red rashes (hives), take a few fresh leaves of Sarpagandha. Crush them and apply the paste on the affected portions of the skin.
Those suffering from high BP may take Sarpagandha root preparation to keep the blood pressure under check. Take 500 mg of root, powder it and mix it with water or honey. The preparation may be taken twice daily. One should avoid extra dosage as it will lead to drastic fall in blood pressure, causing severe health trouble. Pregnant women should avoid it.

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  1. Dear Sir, do you have a good idea on how to obtain sarpagandha root? Since i live in Switzerland it is not so easy to obtain and i'm not sure how to find a good online shop in india... I'm a big fan of aryuvedic medicine but unfortunately it is not very well established here in my country. If you have a idea on how i can buy and pay with a shop in India you can kindly reply to my mail "uborck(at)" regards, Uwe Borck