Thursday, 11 March 2010

Indian sarsaparilla cleans blood, fights VD

By Syed Akbar
Indian sarsaparilla, commonly called Nannari or Sugandhi, is a refreshing drink, full of health benefits. It
has a number of medicinal properties, including the ability to fight venereal diseases particularly syphilis.
Come summer and sarsaparilla drink becomes quite popular. It cools the body, removes heat, cleans the
stomach, improves blood circulation and fights infection. Indian or false sarsaparilla has been in use for
hundreds of years and traditional medicines around the world recognise this herb as a general tonic and
health booster. In Ayurveda it is used to treat venereal problems like syphilis.
It is also recommended for skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. It has anti-pyretic properties too and
brings down the body temperature. No wonder then sarsaparilla drink is in great demand on hot summer
In sarsaparilla, the root finds use in traditional medicines. Its leaves and stem are not used. Some
practitioners of traditional medicines prescribe sarsaparilla for people suffering from rheumatic pains.
Indian sarsaparilla is known to improve the kidney functions as also protect the liver.
Home remedies
Beat the heat on a scorching summer day by drinking a glass of Indian sarsaparilla extract mixed with
lemon and soda. Take sarsaparilla roots and clean them with water. Take a vessel, pour water in it and put
the cleaned sarsaparilla roots. Boil the water for 20 minutes. Cool it and filter the water. Mix sugar in the
filtered water and keep it aside. Whenever you want to prepare a glass of sarsaparilla drink, pour one
quantity of sarsaparilla extract and mix it with four quantities of water. For taste, you may add lemon.
Instead of plain water, you may also use soda.
The sarsaparilla extract can also be mixed with chilled milk for a refreshing drink to reduce body heat.
You can prepare sarsaparilla tea too to keep the body hale and health and free from diseases. Sarsaparilla
tea is recommended as a general tonic. Take a few roots of sarsaparilla, wash them and soak them in hot
water for 15 minutes. Filter the water and drink it. You may add sugar for taste.

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