Sunday, 28 March 2010

The lemony way to lose extra weight

By Syed Akbar
No one can resist a glass of chilled lemon water on a hot summer afternoon. While lemon (as also its cousins from the citrus family) is the best fruit to quench one's thirst and beat the heat during this summer, this natural repository of vitamin C has several medicinal and health properties including losing weight and fighting fatigue.
Lemon acts good on the stomach, helping against constipation and assisting in easy digestion. It is also a natural way of keeping the skin glowing and in healthy condition.
This fruit from the citrus family contains five per cent citric acid, which is quite sufficient to meet the vitamin c requirement of an individual. It also contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous and magnesium,
besides vitamins of the B group. As lemon contains bioflavonoids, regular consumption of this fruit makes the blood vessels strong. It also improves the overall functioning of the heart.
More importantly, slimming experts the world over have been suggesting intake of lemon juice mixed with honey and hot water to fight excessive weight. Though modern doctors (allopaths) do not agree with this lemon-honey-hot water formula for obesity treatment, practitioners of traditional medicines still prescribe it for those who want to burn away those extra calories.
Home remedies
Suffering from headache and nausea? Why don't you try this simple health recipe. A glass of hot water mixed with juice from a lemon fruit. It not only gives relief from headache and nausea, but also clears the
For those conscious of their beauty and skin health, nothing beats a glass of water mixed with lemon extract, taken everyday in the early morning.
As said earlier, obese people as also those mildly overweight may consume a glass of honey-lemon juice-hot water concoction every morning.
For instant energy, take a glass of lemon juice mixed with water, salt and sugar. It fights dehydration by providing the much needed salts to the body.

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