Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Beat depression with cardamom

2010By Syed Akbar
Cardamom or elaichi is one of the best flavouring agents in kitchens across the world. It also finds its use in providing distinctive flavour and taste to a number of sweet dishes and desserts.
Besides its major strength, the unique flavour, cardamom has a number of health benefits. But here is a word of caution. Like in the case of many other herbs, cardamom should not be consumed in large proportions. It has its side effects too, including impotency if consumed in heavy doses regularly.
Those who wish to include cardamom in their herbal treatment schedule should make it a point to consume it in small proportions. When consumed in a little quantity, cardamom gives relief from depression, provides clarity to mind and thought and keeps a person stable in actions too. It has anti-cancer properties too.
Cardamom has been used in traditional systems of medicines for several hundreds of years. It is the seeds that give the flavour and benefits of health. Take a few fruits of cardamom. Remove the outer covering (skin). Take out the seeds and finely ground them. Add the powder to normal or herbal tea. Ayurvedic doctors believe that cardamom tea will help fight depression.
Some practitioners of herbal medicine prescribe cardamom as a cure to certain male sexual problems including premature ejaculation. Regular intake of cardamom either directly or through foods will help in improving appetite.
Home remedies
Those with a complaint of erectile dysfunction may drink a glass of milk mixed with a little quantity of finely ground cardamom seeds. Ayurvedic doctors believe that if cardamom milk is consumed everyday before going to bed, it will increase sexual potency.
A little cardamom (a pod or two) will help in controlling nausea. It is also prescribed for mouth ulcers.
Those who are intolerant to gluten (people who develop stomach upset on use of wheat or wheat products) may add a little cardamom powder to rotis or wheat upma to overcome the problem.
Cardamom tea is recommended as a home remedy to treat indigestion and the resultant flatulence.
For women, herbal doctors feel, cardamom tea is the best bet to ward off certain menstruation-related troubles.

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