Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Carom seeds: Ajwain removes kidney stones

By Syed Akbar
If the mirchi bhajji from coastal Andhra is famous for its flavour and unique taste, it is thanks to the presence of Ajwain (carom seeds). Finely ground ajwain is stuffed inside mirchi (green chilli) before it is dipped into Bengal gram paste for frying golden yellow.
Ajwain also finds its way into several Indian dishes, including bakery items like ajwain biscuits. Neatly cut and cleaned Ajwain leaves are also used as stuffing agent in ajwain bhajjis, while its seeds go into
preparation of ajwain rotis, parathas and savouries prepared from Bengal gram flour.
Besides its taste and flavour enhancing properties, ajwain is considered in traditional system of medicine as the simple home remedy to remove kidney stones. Ayurveda and Unani practitioners believe that intake of
ajwain seeds with honey will help in breaking down kidney stones into pieces and gradual removal from the body through urine.
Ajwain has a number of medicinal properties and it is considered the best bet for fighting flatulence (gas), abdominal discomfort, and harmful bacteria and fungi and controlling diarrhoea. Some Ayurveda
doctors are of the view that ajwain has aphrodisiac properties and is good for middle-aged men.
Quick Remedies
Those addicted to alcohol may take a teaspoon of ajwain seeds twice a day for deaddiction. Its strong flavour and aromatic compounds present in it help in reducing the craving and urge for alcohol.
A drop of ajwain oil will provide instant relief from earache.
Since many herbal medicine experts feel that ajwain is a good stomach tonic, chewing of ajwain seeds once or twice a day may provide relief from digestive problems, and improve the functioning of stomach.
A little quantity of ajwain with a betel leaf will provide relief from dry cough.
Ajwain along with Saunf is considered a good mouth freshener.
Ajwain oil may be massaged on legs for relief from pain in patients of arthritis.

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