Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Neem controls acne, blackheads

By Syed AkbarNeem has always been hailed as the panacea for a number of ailments ranging from simple skin rashes to dental decay and from piles to fighting cancers. Ancient Indian literature had dealt in detail on the medicinal properties of the neem, its bark, seeds, gum, flowers and fruits and twigs. Practically every part of
the neem tree has medicinal properties to treat one health problem or the other. Neem is a good antiseptic agent and  helps in controlling pimples, and blackheads. It also prevents scarring of the skin after pimples or acne heal.
Though the credit on the neem research should go to ancient Indians, it is strangely  attributed to Westerners. We did not take the ancient neem literature further, while researchers in the West extracted a  number of products and chemicals from the neem tree. They have also patented the neem products.
As many as 135 compounds have been recovered from the neem tree. These compounds work  against several disease-causing agents including bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoans, besides  helminth worms. Latest research shows that neem helps in reducing swelling, fever, blood sugar levels, ulcers and  tumours. It can fight malaria too.
Neem is a good natural contraceptive too. It kills sperm and prevents pregnancy.
Coming to acne or pimples, neem oil and neem leaves work wonders. A paste of neem leaves,  if applied on the affected area, provides relief from pustular pimples. A paste obtained from the neem bark
is also useful in fighting pimples.
Quick remedies
Neem oil has been found to be of great help to people with cracks on feet. Many people  tend to develop fissures and cracks on their heels during summer and winter or whenever there's a sudden change in
climatic conditions. Simple application of neem oil to the affected area will provide immediate relief.
Neem leaves have been found to possess anti-septic properties. Just soak some neem leaves  in hot water and mix it with your regular bath water for relief from skin problems, including dandruff and rashes.
Neem oil and paste from neem leaves can be rubbed gently on the scalp to prevent hair  fall and fight fungal
Take a few neem leaves and a little piece of fresh turmeric rhizome. Make a paste out of  them and apply on the affected portion of the skin for relief from insect bites.
When one talks of the neem, will one forget about the benefits it gives to oral health  and dental hygiene. Regular brushing of teeth with a neem twig will prevent tooth decay and kill harmful bacteria in  the mouth.

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