Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Nariyal cure: Coconut water keeps digestive system in healthy condition

By Syed Akbar
On a hot summer day one cannot resist a fresh and tender coconut. Tender coconut milk and 
the thin layer of copra inside the fruit make a natural rehydration formula. Coconut milk (water) keeps the body cool, fights sunstroke, and recharges the body with its natural vitamins, minerals and trace  elements. Coconut water is also good for digestion and fights infection in the body including worms.
According to Ayurveda and Unani practitioners, coconut milk aids in controlling diabetes 
and helps in weight loss while coconut oil helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the  body. Coconut oil contains unique medicinal properties that prevents osteoporosis.
The Coconut Development Board of India proudly refers to an ancient Indian saying 
describing coconut as "unctuous, sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion and clearing the urinary path".
While fruits and vegetables cannot be fed to infants, coconut milk is recommended by many 
doctors for infants suffering from intestinal disturbances. It is also considered even by modern  medical practitioners as the best source of oral rehydration. Coconut oil if applied on the body keeps off prickly  heat and summer boils. Coconut milk is prescribed for cholera patients too.
Senior dietician Rupali Dutta describes coconut as a "functional food" as it gives several health benefits beyond its nutritional content.
Home Remedies
Suffering from skin rashes or prickly heat? Just take a few tablespoons of pure coconut 
oil and gently rub it on the affected portion. You will get relief soon.
You can beat the heat by applying a few drops of pure coconut oil on the scalp or 
drinking a glass of tender coconut milk.
If you are suffering from stomach-ache or digestion problems, drink a couple of tender 
Regular intake of coconut milk will keep the intestines clean and removes harmful material (toxins) from the body.
Coconut oil in combination with lemon juice is the best natural method of fighting the 
problem of dandruff. Just apply a little mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil and apply it on the scalp.
For those conscious of their hair, a few drops of coconut oil will be of great help. Simply massage the scalp after applying coconut oil. This improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair  follicles. The result is long and healthy hair with no split ends.

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