Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chandan: Sandalwood kills gonorrhoea germs, other STD bacteria

By Syed Akbar
Chandan. The very name creates around us an aura of divine aroma and blissful fragrance. 
No ritual in several religions is complete without the application of Chandan or burning of Chandan sticks to  invoke the Divine Grace.
Chandan or the Indian sandalwood is a native of the Indian sub-continent and is presently 
confined to the peninsular India. It is an endangered plant species and protected plant. Nevertheless, Chandan has been in use for centuries and ancient Ayurvedic texts refer to its medicinal and curative properties. The sandalwood  gets its unique fragrance thanks to the presence of an essential oil, scientifically called santalol.
Chandan can consumed internally or applied on the body externally. In both ways, it has 
its own curative and healing properties. Chandan has always been considered to be a natural medicine to treat a myriad  of skin diseases, including those transmitted sexually. It is the best bet in treating gonorrhoea.
Modern life has taken a heavy toll of the Indian traditions. Remember those days when 
grandmas used to apply sandal paste to stomach and forehead of crying babies and infants. This would provide  them relief from pain and itching. Another old family recipe is application of sandal paste on face to treat  pimples and blackheads.
The grandma's medicinal recipe still holds good. Application of sandal paste on the 
forehead will give relief from high temperature and resultant headache. It also tones up the skin texture, controlling pimples and blackhead formation.
It's okay with the sandal paste. But when it comes to the use of pure chandan oil, make 
sure that it is diluted. Pure chandan oil is generally not recommended by practitioners of herbal medicine.
Home remedies
Those suffering from the notorious gonorrhoea may take sandal pills (prepared from sandal 
powder and milk). This will give relief from gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted disease.
Prepare a little quantity of decoction from sandalwood and consume it for relief from 
stomach problems, particularlyindigestion.
Those conscious of beauty may try herbal packs of pure chandan. Apply a little quantity 
of chandan paste on face and gently massage it. You will get a glowing and youthful skin.
A paste of sandalwood and rose water is also recommended for a healthy skin. This will 
keep off summer skin eruptions. It is also good to treat freckles, those melanin concentrated spots on the  face and other parts of the body.
For immediate relief from eczema, you may apply a little sandal paste mixed with camphor. 
Sandal paste with coconut oil will also work.

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