Monday, 19 July 2010

Tomato keeps cancer away

By Syed Akbar
Who will resist a fresh red round tomato when one goes to buy vegetables in a sabzi mandi? Tomato is not a native Indian vegetable, but it has endeared every Indian with its beautiful texture, colour, shape, taste and nutritional value. An easy-to-cook vegetable, tomato can also be eaten raw.
Tomato goes into practically every Indian dish, right from rasam to biryani, pickle to ketchup and raitha to salad. Tomato can be blended and consumed as a health drink, every morning for a refreshingly healthy day.
This round-the-year available fruit contains several health benefits including fighting cancers, heart attacks and hypertension. It is also good for people suffering from anaemia thanks to its rich iron content. Other nutrients present in tomato include sulphur, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, B and C.
The sulphur content in tomato makes it an ideal natural skin ointment. It is now increasingly being used in beauty parlours as a skin rejuvenator. For those suffering from acne and blackheads, tomato has much to offer. A few slices of fresh tomato gently rubbed against the affected portion of the face will provide relief
from this teenage skin problem. Like any other natural remedy, the exercise has to be repeated regularly for desired results.
As tomato is rich in vitamin A, its regular intake will keep night blindness, a fast increasing menace among children, away. It will also help those suffering from vision defects like myopia (shortsightedness) or hypermetropia (longsightedness).

Quick remedies
For the beauty conscious, tomato is the readily available natural remedy against black or dark circles around eyes. Tomato removes dark circles the natural way without any side-effects, unlike synthetic or chemical preparations. Apply tomato paste prepared from a fresh medium size tomato to the affected area. To make the tomato paste a bit extra consistent and for extra health results, you may add a few drops of lemon juice and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder and Bengal gram powder (besan).
A glass of juice prepared from fresh tomatoes will solve nagging dermatological troubles like itch and skin rashes. It also keeps the digestive system in good health.
Fresh tomato juice is also recommended for mouth ulcers. Alternatively, make a thick paste of tomatoes (do not add water) and apply to the affected portion in the mouth.Tomatoes are also good for the health conscious. Like any vegetable tomato contains lots of water content, but is loaded with a few calories. Eating raw tomatoes will keep the belly full, but without the usual high calories associated with other foodstuff. So eat
as many tomatoes as you like if you want to slim down and look good.

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